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What Manny Harrison Has

In February of 2014 I opined that the word to characterize what he evinces in his persona is Whacktitude.

WordPress Gets More Astonishing the More One Uses It

The Blaagh is back, after another nearly two-year hiatus, and upgraded to WordPress 4.1.1.  Now I’m self-hosted (so page load times will likely be slow until I upgrade) and somewhat more WP-savvy, having a number of commercial clients whose websites I maintain and repair.

The upgrade to 4.1.1 happened without me even trying.  I was experimenting with ftp credentials to confirm it wouldn’t bomb out on permissions or something when I merely navigated to the upgrade page on the 3.0.1 Dashboard.  It never arrived at the page – it just upgraded effortlessly, seemingly without even requiring credentials (which is not necessarily a good thing.)

Anyway, the job is done.  Amazing.  This is a really strong platform.