I made a note on 2007-09-16 regarding another happy recollection from my Bible College days in Lenox, Massachusetts.  I was tapped by the leadership to assist with organizing the Library, and as part of the process of cataloging the books in a custom application written in dBase II on a Kaypro with twin 5¼ floppies we devised a novel scheme of categorization suitable to our purposes.
My notes: 

 The world’s four library categorizations:

  • 1) Fiction
  • 2) Non-fiction
  • 3) Periodicals
  • 4) Reference

The library at Lenox’s four categorizations (with help from Pr. Tom Lareau)

  • 1) God’s Categorical Doctrine
  • 2) Sectarian Supportive Scholarship
  • 3) Satanic Noise Straight From the Pit
  • 4) Cosmic Drivel (or All Else)

We had great fun with it. Categorizing books became a joyous art.