I got a Greek New Testament from Mike Freed of Philadelphia as he was departing from Lenox in 1985, just as Paula and I were arriving to live at 9 Cliff Ave in Pittsfield.  We found Cliff Ave by calling off an ad in the Irk-shire Beagle and by sheer coincidence (aka Divine Appointment) it turned out to be owned by Pastor Stevens’ secretary, whose name escapes me.  Someone who knows it (there are several of you from whom I heard it in this connection) can post it in a comment.  Mike left an easy chair with us when he moved, and when I brought it to Cliff Ave and set it up I found three books in the side pockets.  One was this Aland et al GNT with plastic covers, not as nice as my copy with a fiber cover, but more durable.  Another was a copy of the Qu’ran.  The third was Pastor’s Bible Speaks from The Throne devotional, the really nice bound one with 373 (numbered) pages from the early 80’s — it’s undated, typically, but carefully noted with the type of paper and cover used.  I’m pretty sure it’s Mike Plunkett’s Mom’s copy, because it’s got “J Plunkett” written in pencil on the flyleaf.

After a fashion I began to use the GNT at services, to brush up my Greek reading speed and find out what Pr. S was talking about when he referenced the original words.  His pronunciation was sometimes Maine-ized to the point I wasn’t precisely sure which root it contained, and since without that the meaning was indiscernable I needed to see them to “translate” them.  “Exa-Lee-Fine” = εξαλειφω, “Beemer” = βημα, etc.  It surprised me to hear him speaking in Baltimore toward the end having rid himself of much of that colloquial style in the service of communicating more effectively.  His intent was that people should hear the Gospel.  He was determined to accomplish that.  If something, even a lifelong habit of speech learned from him Mother inhibited that, he was going to exercise, if necessary, herculean effort to change it.  It was very impressive to those of us who’d known him for a while, a sort of capstone to the many impressive accomplishments by the man.

In the course of using that Bible, I made notes in the leaves and on the pages, and I finally got around to transcribing some of those notes while waiting for the Wednesday evening prayer to begin at Starkey Road Baptist.  If this sounds trivial, consider — when I wrote those notes, before my Lasik surgery, I had a built-in 4-power magnifier just by removing my spectacles, so I would write infinitesimally with a 0.5mm pencil in order to maximize the amount of notetaking possible in the limited space available.  After Lasik, I have to resort to wearing 3.25 Readers and using the objective from an old Revere (slide?) projector that gave up the ghost in the 60’s to see the fine print.  On top of that, use of the book over the last 24 years smudged the carefully pencilled characters into a mass of sharply-defined but miniscule words interspersed by hazy blotches of sometimes indistinct, sometimes obliterated  entries.  If you’ve ever done this sort of restoration, you know how it’s necessary to revert back and forth between looking at the passage to recapture context and examining the individual characters to see what it might be.  Back and forth.

I store that Revere objective in a 4×3″ zipclose bag to keep the lenses clean.  Somehow that reminds me of how motor oil used to be sold in cans with metal lids that had to be pierced with a tool to open them.  Remember that?  I’ll leave it to you to discover what possible cognitive connection there could be betwixt those two that triggered that association.

But the point of all this introduction is to present those notes, for in them lies the value.  Many of them were made during and just after the transition from Lenox to Baltimore.  Bracketed means there is some doubt.  Herewith:

16 Mar 87 Rap

Categorical Doctrine – 55 MPH; Governmental Doctrine – patrol car 100 yards ahead in the other lane; Heb 4:13, Ps 139; categorical – what we know; governmental – who we know – living in the presence of God vs. experiencing the presence of God.

4/2/89  Commitment to GGWO made

26 Apr [87] [Schermerhorn] Dr. Stevens  Three Things at the Crossroads of Christianity at the End of the Last Days

1)  1 Pet 4:17  Judgement beginning at the House of God

2)  Remnant, not chastized, but persecuted [1 Pet] 1:6,7,8 promoted

3)  A passive group that doesn’t withstand; admire the Bible, but live in the Valley of Decision

4)  Happening in America  Heb 12:26  Earth and Heaven shaken, the [   ] unable to be shaken remain – this passage is in a measure now being fulfilled.

Some things that cannot be shaken

The peace of God  Is 26:3  not Jam 1:8  not Jer 45:5  Phil 4:6-7  Math 18:3

But – fallow ground must be disturbed

Hos 10:12  Heb 4:12  not ΓΑΛ 5:13

1 Cor 15:58  1 Tim 2:3 συγκακοπαθησον

It’s time for the Lord to work for they have made void his precious Word    healing forever

None of the world’s things can hinder the things that cannot be shaken.  Don’t be saved by fire.

A paralyzing attitude will creep into the church – men will make decisions to please themselves

Be a man who can be found faithful  Ps 108:[8]  Phil 1:6

Satan backs off.

Κορ Α 6:13  The Lord is [   ] the human body…  and he wants it [     ].  Inside that body is the Holy Spirit.

9 Oct 8[8]  Sun Eve Serv  Dr. Stevens  Towson High School

The Call – this would be a great message to answer Mary Anne’s arguments and fears.

Ps 90:12

 6 May 87

1)  Civic Law  1 Pet 2:13

2)  Moral Law  Ex 20:13-17

3)  Perfect Law of Love  ΙΑ 1:11

Successful Marriage

1)  Communion with Christ

2)  Everything Else (Communication, etc.)

Diabolical Deterrance – The Devil makes certain missionfields (like the Flaghouse) so daunting that most are deterred from ministering there.

P. Loftus  Sun Eve Intro  10 Feb 89  Hilton

Let’s do it God’s way  2 Sam 6:6

I See a Dawning

This world is a dark place, but…

A Light is shining

That’s as far as I’ve gotten.  There is more.