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Quick Note on the Hiatus

Blaagh went off the air for a month because Network Solutions lost the WordPress MySQL database.  It just vanished one day in late June.  I called them to restore it from backup only to discover there was none.  They could restore the filesystem, but not the database unless I’d selected to back it up automatically.  I hadn’t.  (I have now.)  So, it was gone.  The whole blog.  Permanently lost.

Well, who knows what God has in mind in the plan (we have the mind of Christ, but not foreknowledge per se) and out of the blue on July 28th, the database reappeared.  Fully linked.  Passwords intact.  As if nothing had ever happened.  This over a month after it was gone for good.

Needless to say, I immediately backup up the whole site, files and database, so there wouldn’t be a repeat of this imbroglio, and the happy result is, as you see, the site is restored.  Thanks, Lord.  I appreciate that.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordStress. This is your first boast. Edit or replete it, then start flogging!