On 2010-08-22, I responded to an article at warincontext.org titled The new anti-Semitism to which I posted this comment:

Hmm.  So I take it you don’t consider the ground on which nearly 3,000 innocent people were crushed to irretreivable fragments by 10 Islamic jihadists hallowed.
What ground, one wonders, would you consider “hallowed,” if any?

And how surprising that the “tropes do not always line up.”  In fact, they never line up, as the writer concedes.  The whole thing is a straw man, because if we can’t defend Islam on factual grounds, we’ll just make something up.

But the most hilarious of all the bloviations masquerading as analysis is the delightful term “Islamophbic.[sic]”
I am fearful of Islam in the same way I’m fearful of kids popping bubblewrap.  Considering though the, uh, shall we say, less than encouraging record of Peaceful Behavior by Muslims as indicated for example in Barb’s post above, wouldn’t one suppose it prudent to have a certain attentiveness to the predisposition to violent behavior from avowedly religious motivation arising in that quarter?
Or should we just be as dumb as a brick regarding Islam, like George W. Bush, and happily proclaim it hijacked by a “tiny minority of extremists” and go celebrate diversity?  A tiny minority numbering at least 100,000,000 people worldwide, according to reliable polling.
The only islamophobia I’ve ever felt was when I was leaving the mosque after the Ramadan dinner (I was present by invitation), whereupon I realized that my host had fulfilled his Quranic responsibility to present the faith and invite me to join, and my rejection meant that I was now fair game for violent jihad.  Silly, I know, but then, ya know, there’s that pesky invite by Osama in 1998 that in his mind the US rejected and made us, oh well, guess we’ll have to teach the kuffar a thing or two about The Prophet, fair game for 9/11.
You know, that mundane, unremarkable place where all those broken-to-bits bodies are.

Barb’s post referred to in this piece is actually a repost of an article here.