And then this.

America, Wake the hell up!
Posted at 9:08 PM on April 16, 2013

This is a 9/11 Sandy Hook attack by the U.S Federal government to distract the American people from their agenda’s. They will use fear to control you to give up your rights or freedoms. They will use the word ‘terrorism’ to scare you. Look how easy they have brainwashed you. Wake the hell up! They are people in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries, being shot, killed, raped, abused, and bombed cause of fighting ‘terrorism’. Terrorism doesn’t exist, and the only terrorist or terrorism that does exist is the pigs in the federal government, big banks, and big corporations. Boston bombing is a distraction and a false flag to increase security, start a World War, or to invade a country. They are alot of people in the middle east in a way worse situation than Boston. People, Wake the hell up. Wake up!

To which I replied:

Mike Gardner
Posted at 11:00 AM on April 18, 2013

America, Wake…,
I admit that Barack Obama is an incompetent boob, a shameless panderer and possibly deeply morally evil (witness his position in the Illinois state legislature on botched, born-alive abortions), and further that his agenda in the world and especially the Middle East centers on empowering Islamist regimes and starving true democracy movements, and further still that he is a classic big-government liberal which bespeaks (or belies!) a fundamentally totalitarian impulse, but your denial of the incontrovertible evidence of the nascent Islamic jihad successfully targeting America means that you are a two-bit conspiracy theorist of the sort that is routinely mocked on call-in radio shows where they invite you to disgorge your fulminations to the amusement and delight of the audience.

Sorry to be the one to break the news to you.

The worst part of this is, in certain limited ways you’re dead on. The abominations in Iraq and Afghanistan are nearly the worst sort of knee–jerk adventurisms by those who fail to comprehend the enemy. The real enemy is our failure to comprehend that not all cultures think like we do, value what we do, appreciate what we’ve accomplished — there are not a few on the planet who would like to extinguish that, and some of those for avowedly religious motives. Until America awakens to that unwelcome reality, the twin horrors of misdirected resources and ineffective responses, and of (unfortunately) misguided opinions (like yours) about the true nature of the threat will continue.

And it should no go unmentioned that the idea that “they’re” attacking us because we are invading “their” lands militarily has been debunked repeatedly by citing, no[t] right-wingers in the West, but the jihadists themselves, who make no secret of the fact that [they] hate us because we are infidels. They are offended that we disbelieve in their divinely-mandated cult of death-worship, pedophilia, urine-drinking and misogyny.