The oft-repeated observation that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship was amplified by some thoughts I had while waking this morning.

Christianity establishes, explains and explores the Relationship.

It is established when by the grace of God the blood of the Lamb is efficaciously applied to an individual.

It explains the nature of being and the concept of truth.

And it is an invitation to the exploration of the creation of which we are a part and which has been devised for the purpose of providing the platform on which we can express the gifts and capabilities of humanness in their fullness.

The lone other reflection that arose immediately was one typical of my own inclination in analysis, the ongoing spectacle of pagans parading their cognitive dissonance as some sort of deep understanding cloaked in complexities whose profundity only confounds the pitiably less gifted and so makes pointless any attempt to elucidate it to the poor wretches.  The reflection was this — in explaining the nature of being, Christianity concomitantly explains such as why unborn children are humans.  (Pardon me for avoiding the terminology of choice (no pun intended) of those who would commandeer the argument by usurping the terms of the debate.  I decline to cede defeat a priori by using qualifiers like “fully human”, as if there were some validity to the idea that there is a distinction among humans by their “degree of humanness”.)  The explanation lies in a central point of doctrine, that of the Position of the Believer.  As adopted children in the royal family, we have already attained to the final state of acceptance in the Beloved and all that is contemplated thereby, though our experience evinces no proof of it.  In this light, visible only to ones who have themselves experienced the Spirit’s inner testimony of their being in possession of eternal life, it can be seen that the baby human, regardless of how little the manifestation of the attributes of maturity, is in full possession of humanity as such and deserving of the rights so to be accorded.

To one who knows nothing of eschatological identity, this is an unfathomable mystery.