My current schtick line is that I’m “culturally oblivious.”  This means I’ve only seen four movies in my life, and mastered only one video game.  Actually I had to hack the video game.  Oh, and I hacked that other one, too, with the spispopd thing.

       I warned you it was an attempt.  Geeks are notoriously unfunny.

        But the video game I hacked is slightly noteworthy.  It’s called “Ladder,” and was bundled with the Kaypro 10 I bought in 1984.  For $2,950, and that was on sale for $1,000 off to make it competitive with the IBM PC-XT.  (At that time, you could still opt for the $400 operating system upgrade for the XT and get genuine Digital Research DOS instead of that Gates-thingy PC-DOS.)

       Anyway, the Ladder executable was compiled to Z80 assembler, and somewhere I obtained a convenient hex editor for CPM, so I found the place in the code where the “you die now” subroutine was and patched the executable by putting in a jump instruction to the exit, bypassing the death code.  So I’d die hitting one of the whatevers, and instantly come back to life in the same place.  Voila!  I win.